PERIPHERIES 2014; Between the I and the Hand

peripheries centre for creative development in association with Bill Viola Studio

curated by Richard Carr


Hilan Bensusan | Richard Carr | Maria Coleman | Natasha Conway | Amanda Doran | Michael Gilbert | Dr. Francis Halsall | Conor McDonald | Catriona McLoughlin | Patrick Redmond | Steven Shaviro | Andrew Simpson | Bill Viola | Salomé Voegelin | George Warren.


Between the I and the Hand presents the work of a key group of young Irish artists, alongside leading national, and international writers and thinkers, as well as the internationally acclaimed video artist Bill Viola. This year presents both a juncture and opportunity for Gorey School of Art to celebrate some highlights of its educational successes in fine art while embracing a new future in the creative digital media industries. Occupying Gorey School of Art’s brand new building, Between the I and the Hand showcases the work of; Hilan Bensusan, Richard Carr, Maria Coleman, Natasha Conway, Amanda Doran, Michael Gilbert, Dr. Francis Halsall, Conor McDonald, Catriona McLoughlin, Patrick Redmond, Steven Shaviro, Andrew Simpson, Bill Viola, Salomé Voegelin and George Warren. While each practitioner’s work remains specific to their own concerns, motivation and practice, they come together in this exhibition, to fuse and celebrate both the history and future of Gorey School of Art, while re-formalising or expanding present notions of the handmade at this point in time. 

Working on this premise, the title of this exhibition aims to bring to the forefront the differing relationship between the ‘I’ and hand, which each artist utilises, through their individual process of making. Through the exhibition of the work, it also aims to examine the resulting modes of encounter or invitation each work offers, as one moves through the gallery space. Whether it’s a stand and look, sit and watch or move and listen, Between the I and the Hand strives to activate a generative relationship between you and the work, as well as the inherent nature(s) of the work.

Between the I and the Hand not only comes at a pivotal point in the celebration of Gorey School of Art, but also aims to showcase an exhibition of relevance, to contribute to a national and international discourse on contemporary art practice. From notions of perception or intuition, to the various different apparatus now utilised in the digital world, ideas about the handmade are expanding. This space between the ‘I’ and the hand, has for so long, contributed to the developments and debates within art theory and criticism, as well as separated disciplines. Incorporating both existing and new work, made specifically for the exhibition spaces of Gorey School of Art, Between the I and the Hand aims to weave an inquisitive thread, in and around the expanding notions of the handmade.

Between the I and the Hand takes place as part of PERIPHERIES, an annual Gorey School of Art event, and will be accompanied by a series of youth projects constructed in response to this exhibition. Gorey School of Art is a progressive, dynamic and innovative organisation, recognised nationally and internationally as a leader in art education, while recognised throughout Ireland by key art institutions and organisations as a centre of excellence.